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Tooth retention is always the main priority

Our main aim is always to retain the form and function of your teeth. To do so, we utilise all the preventive and therapeutic measures available to us – from dental prophylaxis and professional teeth cleaning, to fissure sealing, endodontology, fillings, inlays and crowns.

We in particular recommend that you visit us for regular checkups and a follow up professional teeth cleaning. Twice-yearly visits enable us to immediately recognise abnormalities and instigate a corresponding therapy. When working to retain your teeth, we at all times pay great attention to not only your dental health but also to an aesthetics that meets your expectations and budget.

As for inlays and crowns, our best experiences have come from the use of full ceramics. They can be easily mistaken for real teeth in colour, translucency and hardness. When cared for properly, they are long-lasting. Our patients are extremely satisfied with them – we too.

Preventing peridontitis

We offer all the modern preventative treatments in order for your gums to stay healthy. We also give you advice and show you what you can do at home for yourselves.