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Periodontitis – more malicious than caries

Did you know that more teeth are lost through periodontitis than through caries? Periodontitis is a bacteria-induced inflammation of the periodontium. The main cause is plaque that is unfortunately not always removed with a tooth brush.

Patients at risk are, above all, smokers and diabetics but bad teeth hygiene also plays a role. Plaque accumulates in the gingival pockets and initially causes an inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) that, on the whole, is painless. Some patients however suffer a bleeding of the gums or ones that turn red or purple. The inflammation of the gums eventually penetrates into the bone supporting the teeth. Again one often does not feel any pain which is why regular checkups are extremely important.

Periodontitis is discovered immediately in our practice. Treatment involving surgery is not necessary in most cases. Using special instruments, we carry out a gentle micro-invasive deep cleaning under a local anaesthetic.

Preventing peridontitis

We offer all the modern preventative treatments in order for your gums to stay healthy. We also give you advice and show you what you can do at home for yourselves.

“Good teeth are only to a certain degree congenital. We can still do a lot medically.”

Dr. Claudia Geenen M. Sc.

“Healthy teeth start with healthy gums.”

Esmer Güden

“Healthy teeth need a firm base to hold them in place which is why gum health plays such an important role.”

Dr. Theodor Paeßens