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Specialists for paediatric
dental care

We recommend parents to visit us regularly with their children right from when they get their first baby tooth. It means your child will slowly get used to our practice and we can give you valuable advice about the dental health of your child – for example everything about pacifiers, bottles and nutrition. Your child should then take a seat in our dentist’s chair twice a year. Our check-up and treatment methods are specially tailored for younger patients.

Before administering any treatment, we explain and demonstrate each step in a way that is easily understandable for the child. Should it be necessary to use a local anaesthetic, we previously desensitise the injection site in the oral mucosa using a special surface anaesthetic. In this way we ensure visits to the dentist are without pain and therefore fear – and they provide optimal dental care.

Our spectrum of treatments for children covers every area of dentistry– from prophylaxis combined with professional teeth cleaning to dental care and orthodontics.

Teeth cleaning training

For our little patients, it’s also vital that they clean their teeth and clean them properly. In our teething cleaning sessions, we show children the right way to clean their teeth.


We have put together some advice for parents ahead of their first dentist’s appointment with their children (in german language only). We would be very happy to give you more information – just give us a call.