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Implants – as good as the originals

When replacing a natural tooth there is no better alternative than an implant. It fulfils the highest standards of form and function – when eating, speaking or laughing, you’ll have a feeling of total comfort. The implant will feel like a natural, solid tooth within only a short space of time.

Implants can be used to replace single teeth and to bridge larger gaps. Even a toothless upper or lower jaw can be “rebuilt” with the help of implants.

In our practice, we only use top quality materials and the latest technology. We can therefore guarantee that our implants will have a long lifetime.

The operation itself is a minor one with little risk but it requires many years of expertise. Performed under a local anaesthetic, we anchor a pin made of pure titanium firmly in your jaw which will later serve as a root for a crown made of ceramic. The new tooth will hardly be any different to your own and you will therefore retain your natural appearance.

Dental implants

We would be very happy to inform you about dental implants. Just give us a call.


Complex surgical procedures

In our practice, we can perform complex surgical procedures. Having our own operating room and an experienced anaesthetist, we are well-equipped.


“Thanks to firmly sitting dental implants, our patients can bite hard again. And they are glad to smile again! It improves the quality of life.”

Dr. Theodor Paeßens

“Implants are today the safest form of dental prostheses.”

Dr. Claudia Geenen, M.Sc.