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Dental phobic patients
are very welcome

Our phobic patients above all need time and lots of understanding. Objective reasoning alone will not eliminate their fears. A quiet talk – also in the presence of an accompanying person and away from our practice – lays the foundation for a trusting relationship.

When meeting for the first time, all we want to do is to get to know each other. The second appointment is then used to get an overview of the state of the teeth. Our phobic patient determines the pace at which everything is done – any therapy will only be begun when he or she is ready. Sometimes it might only happen in the third, fourth or even fifth appointment.

During treatment, we have many possibilities at hand to relax our patient: a laughing gas sedation – with a pleasant half-sleep – induces a fear-free relaxation. The patient remains conscious the whole time so that he or she gains a sense of distance without ever losing control.

A general anaesthetic is also possible. Likewise, we can also take a break after every step of the treatment. We will both look to see how we can eliminate the fear of dentists.

We take our time

An extensive consultation in a calm atmosphere lays the foundation for fear-free treatments.

“Phobic patients are very welcome to come to us. Thanks to the big structure of the practice, we have the chance to care personally for each patient.”

Dr. Bettina Kratzenberg

“I can well understand that some people are afraid of dentists. We take their fear very seriously in our practice.”

Svenja Müller