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Beautiful teeth – style your smile

We will ensure that your teeth are not only healthy but that they also look good. Sometimes we have to give nature a little helping hand – with veneers for example.

A veneer is a thin, translucent ceramic shell that is placed over the tooth. Veneers are always then used when bleaching is no longer an option, a prosthesis is not necessary – for example for (congenital) enamel defects, malocclusion, heavily stained teeth or for healthy teeth with big interdental spaces.

Aesthetics also now plays a big role to when choosing our filling materials. We only use high quality ceramic inlays – they resemble the natural teeth colour the closest and guarantee a long lifetime.

bright smile

We brighten up your teeth a few shades – you are welcome to call us to find out more!

straight teeth

Orthodontics can also straighten the teeth of adults. Read more about it here.

“Many of our patients desire a bright smile with white teeth. It’s a wish we can fulfil.”

Nadine Koch

“It's fun working in a modern, profesional dental practice where you're confronted by new challenges all the time."

Anne Herbe